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BIS provides 100% customer satisfaction and our business volume has continued to grow accordingly over the years. BIS solutions continue to meet the needs of over 300+ government entities and commercial customers across the states of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Virginia. Our financial, distribution, web portal, document management, and imaging applications have laid the foundation for numerous successful implementations.



My name is April Shockley, Van Buren County Register of Deeds. On January 7, 2015 the Van Buren County Administrative Office Building was destroyed by fire. The building was a total loss.  The morning after the fire, BEFORE 8:00 am, my representatives from BIS had called my cell phone and was already in the process of getting started on the set up for my county. Within 2 days I was set up and ready to record. Yes you read that correctly, before closing time on January 9, 2015 my office was up and running.... SIMPLY AMAZING. I can not say enough about how BIS has made a devastating disaster much easier to deal with. The entire staff has been very quick about its response to our every need. On behalf of Mrs. Lisa Rigsby, Van Buren County Clerk, who is also a BIS customer, along with myself, would like to say Thank You for your superior efforts and want to let everyone know what a wonderful company BIS is to work with. We both highly recommend that anyone who is not a BIS customer to consider using them for their office.


April Shockley