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General Ledger

The accounting system includes the following features:

  • Provides double-entry accounting that meets the State's standards, and chart of accounts and reports.
  • General Ledger trial balance.
  • Account analysis showing transactions for each account.
  • Preparation of special monthly reports:
  • Business Tax Report
  • Trustee's Report
  • Sales Tax Report for Boats
  • Marriage Tax Report
  • Building Permits Report
  • Beer Tax Report
  • Beer Permits Report
  • Wheel Tax Report
  • Hotel/Motel Tax Report
  • Severance Tax Report
  • Probate Court Report
  • Pet Tax Report
  • Litigation Tax Report
  • Provides YTD Detail General Ledger Listing
  • Keeps 2 years of detail history for reprints of reports at any time.
  • Allows for up to 10 different Journals.
  • Meets State Auditors Requirements.

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