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Haywood Co Register of Deeds Launches the Thank A Vet Program

Haywood County recently launched the Thank A Veteran Program, which allows veterans the ability to get local discounts at participating local businesses. When Veterans record their DD-214 to the county’s Register of Deeds office, they will be issued a photo ID card. With this card, Veterans will be able to receive special discounts at a number of businesses and restaurants in the area. Haywood County is excited to have an opportunity to help out those who have served this country.

Read more below about Haywood County introducing this new program.

The Thank A Vet Program, which is recording system independent, is currently in production at multiple counties: Haywood County NC, Sullivan County TN, and New Hanover County NC. This program is also free to Veterans and to your business partners. The goals of this exclusive program are to encourage Veterans to register their DD-214, build partnerships with local businesses, and provide valuable benefits for your local Veterans. The Thank A Vet Program allows us to give back to these amazing men and women, who have sacrificed their lives for ours.

For any information about the Thank A Veteran Program, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192 or e-mail


Crawford County Circuit Clerk Was In the News For Using BIS’ Fraud Alert Program–

 Crawford County has done an amazing job spreading the word about this program to their community. As stated in the article below, the program will notify individuals when a document is filed with their name on it, even when it may have happened without their knowledge. BIS’ software reads each document that is scanned into the system using OCR software that pulls names that match those who have registered for notifications. If there is a hit on someone’s name, an e-mail is immediately generated to that person’s e-mail address. They may then call or go to the recorder’s office to look at what document was filed with their name on it.’s-office-offer-free-fraud-alert.html?m


Fraud Alert can also be used as Gap Control. The same way an individual will be able to enter their own name with an e-mail address, a company can enter a client’s name with their own e-mail address. For example, a company may have done a 30 year title search on a client on Wednesday and they have a closing on Friday. That company can sign up to receive notifications for anything filed with their client’s name on it to prevent them from having to repeat their search in a few days. As a result, saving companies lots of time and money. For any information regarding the Fraud Alert Program, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192 or e-mail



Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag Program - BIS has officially started offering a program titled EZ Tag for the purpose of printing Dealer Drive-Out Temporary Tags. This new program will give dealers the ability to print a temporary tag number with an expiration date on weather resistant synthetic paper. Law enforcement will be able to scan and validate these temporary tag numbers. The information keyed to print the dealer drive-out tag is electronically submitted to the county clerk’s office making processing seamless. Dealers have communicated that this program is fast, efficient, and time saving.


This program is designed to revolutionize the entire dealer drive-out tag process and replaces the time consuming task of managing card stock dealer drive-out tags. There are numerous features about the Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag Program including, knowledgeable and friendly technical support, detailed reporting to show drive-out tags issued, monthly ACH payments for the State, secure login, and a user friendly website.


Some highlights of this program are Dealers will no longer have to manually keep inventory and audit logs of cardstock tags. Dealer drive-out tags are printed on demand and the data keyed by the dealer is submitted electronically to the County Clerk’s office. Law enforcement can now validate the drive-out tag with the printed barcodes allowing them to know right away if the tag is fraudulent. This program essentially benefits dealers, county clerks, and law enforcement, saving you time and money. If you have any questions about the Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag program, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192 or e-mail If you know any Dealerships that would like to take advantage of our program, please e-mail them to us at



New Supplies Site: As of January 29, 2016 we have officially upgraded to our new BIS Supplies Site. This site has a multitude of new features including, Order History, an easy to use Search Bar, Permanent Cart, and much more. Anyone can view our office supplies by going to If you're currently a customer of ours, we've most likely already set you up with a free account! If you do not have an account, simply follow the instructions on the site or call our Supplies Department at 1-866-604-3677 for help. Once you're logged into your account, you will have the option to view our featured items as well as our best sellers. With the new BIS Supplies Site, we are hoping to offer you a fast and easy way to order supplies online. For any information regarding the Supplies Site, please contact the Supplies Department at 1-866-604-3677 or e-mail your questions to:


Jefferson County Clerk, KY is now using ‘The Registry’ Software at BIS: We are pleased to announce that Jefferson County Clerk, KY is using the software package known as the 'The Registry.' The decision came in November 2014 and the initial install was then scheduled for a year later in November of 2015. The Registry Software will handle every aspect of the Land Records recording process, including pricing, scanning, and indexing. 'The Registry' also has electronic filing capabilities, OCR verification, and look up applications. BIS is excited to welcome and build an ongoing relationship with Jefferson County, Kentucky. For more information regarding 'The Registry' or to schedule a demonstration, please contact BIS at 1-866-514-5192 or e-mail your questions to:


Kiosk Saves Time for Drivers While Renewing Tags - This past year, BIS worked closely with County Clerks throughout Tennessee to develop a Self Service Motor Vehicle Kiosk. The first BIS Kiosk to go live was at Davidson County Clerk on February 3, 2015. To learn more about this latest feature, please click the link below.



Shelby County Register of Deeds - Shelby County Tennessee Register of Deeds website hosted and maintained by BIS makes CNN headlines with new Martin Luther King, Jr. story.  

Read the story here.


Washington County Tennessee Film Conversion - Searchers in Washington county will soon be able to view records dating back to the 1700's thanks to an ambitious microfilm conversion project, spearheaded by Register of Deeds Ginger Jilton. The project, which began last fall, consists of the digital converting of 75 rolls of the county's oldest microfilm which encompasses over 150 deed books. “The process of converting these images is very time consuming," said Taylor Burgess, Director of Micro-media for BIS.

Other than the convenience of being able to search these images in-house and online, other factors also led to Jilton's decision to pursue this project. "Having this film converted not only makes it more convenient for our searchers to access the images, but it will also provide the county with an additional offsite backup as well as eliminate the need for some costly maintenance contracts on some of our micro-film readers," said Jilton. The converted images will be available for searchers on The Registry system and will be viewable online via