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Online Payments


BIS provides a full range of Software and Application Development services. Our Credit Card Processing Application allows you to be able to take payments Online, Over-The-Counter, and by Phone. BIS' over-the-counter credit card processing allows you to take a payment in your office with our easy-to-use credit card technology that requires only Internet access. It's a quick and easy way to take credit or debit card payments. Our online reporting functionality allows you to see online transactions that occur in your office at anytime and ties into your online payment reports for easy reconcilation. Listed below are several of our services used by offices and companies that remove most of the burden from both the customer and the vendor. 


Courtfeepay - Pay Court Fines Online

This system affords both flexibility and convenience for you, the court, and your customers. After someone has submitted a payment on containing their information and citation information, the court uses an interface to inspect and accept or reject their citation payment. This interface allows for either the printing of checks when doing your end of the day transactions report, or the use of direct deposit ACH. In this way, all transactions made to the court are filed for future inspection.  


Webfeepay - Pay Miscellaneous Fees Online

Because Webfeepay is so customizable, it has the the ability to cover any service that might be needed. Some of the examples this system is used for now are Tag Renewals, Marriage License fees, Motor Vehicle charges, Notary Application fees, Concert tickets, Park Shelter rentals, Decal fees, and Recreational Facility enrollment fees. Webfeepay is for entities whose charges cover more than just court citations, tax payments, and utility billing. As with Courtfeepay and Utilityflex, the customer visits the website, in this case, selects the county and payment type they would wish to make a payment to, and complete the online transaction.      


Tennessee Trustee - Pay Personal and Property Taxes Online

BIS hosts a website for the Trustee's in Tennesse which provides many benefits to them as well as the general public. The public is able to utilize a tax calculator, our tax search, online payments and links to individual County Trustee websites, and FAQs. 

Instead of having to visit the Trustee's Office to pay annual taxes, customers can simply visit, search for their county/city and name/bill number, and make an online payment. We also offer an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows a customer to make a payment over the phone using an automated service by calling 1-877-768-5048.


UtilityFlex - Pay Utilities Online 

Utilityflex is an integrated utility management payment solution that allows your office to accept credit and debit cards for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and electronic checks. BIS works with your software vendor to display utility billing information online and gives your customers a secure method to view and pay utility bills online. BIS handles all web hosting and ecommerce for your convenience. 

With the expert assistance of BIS, you can streamline your operation and increase productivity with an adaptable integrated payment solution that is fast to implement and simple to use. To learn more about UtilityFlex click here! 

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