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UtilityFlex is an integrated, utility management payment solution that allows your office to accept credit and debit cards for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and also accepts electronic checks. BIS works with your software vendor to display utility billing information online and gives your customers a secure method to view and pay utility bills. BIS also handles all web hosting and e-commerce for your convenience.  UtilityFlex is an adaptable integrated payment solution that is fast to implement, and simple to use and maintain, all while offering your customers a competitive rate for using the service. With the Expert assistance of BIS, you can streamline your operation and increase productivity. 


  • Adaptable integrated payment solution
  • Easy reconciliation with our reporting interface
  • Web Design and e-commerce hosting
  • Secure way to view and pay utility bills
  • Ability to accept online, over-the-counter, and phone payments
  • Multiple payment options; debit card, credit card, and eCheck
  • Dedicated call center phone payment line and IVR phone payment line



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