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Dealer Drive-Out EZ TAG

The Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag website allows dealers to electronically submit vehicle, lien, and owner information to the county clerk’s office and also produces a unique temporary tag number and expiration date.

The unique temporary tag will print directly from a laser printer on white 8.5 x 11 synthetic paper. At the bottom of this tag, a temporary registration card will also be printed. This tag is weather resistant and does not require a plastic sleeve. With these resources, participating dealers find that the program is fast, efficient, and time saving.



Fast-Printing Capabilities
Generates Cover Sheet
Technical Support


No inventory to track
Worry-free audit logs
Reporting features
Ability for dealership to display corporate logo
Real-time updates to county clerk’s office
No unauthorized use of temporary tags
Ability to inquire on a tag number and receive owner name, address, vehicle description, as well as issue expiration dates
Durable paper tested to withstand weather conditions
Ease of use
Time saving
Ease of applying for a tag extension
Secure login
User friendly


To setup an account please visit or call Business Information Systems at: 1-866-670-9089